5 Reasons You Need A Dashcam

If you’re an Uber driver, a Lyft driver, or drive for another

rideshare company, a dashcam is a must.

That’s because things like car accidents are much more likely to

occur when you’re driving for rideshare services simply because

of the increased amount of time you’re on the road.

But as a driver, you want a dashcam for more than just recording

potential accidents.

You should also be thinking about how you can protect yourself

and your passengers in the event that things don’t go as smoothly

as you would hope either inside or outside your car.

So in today’s post, we’re going to discuss the reasons that every

rideshare driver should be equipped with a dashcam so they can

better protect themselves and their passengers, and we’ll also

show you how you can get a FREE dashcam from Driver!

Let’s do it!

Reason #1: Terrible Passengers

Some passengers just don’t know how to act.

Being a little drunk or annoying is one thing, but some

passengers can cross the line into physical or verbal assault,

and having some mechanism to protect yourself is critical.

Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid any physical

altercations, however, I have heard stories of many drivers that

have been smacked and kicked by irate or drunk passengers.

Not only will a dashcam act as a way for you to prove that the

incident happened, it also deters offenders. People are much more

likely to be on their best behavior when they know they’re being

Reason #2: False Claims

Ever receive a bad rating that came out of nowhere? How about a

piece of feedback that was just completely false?

It’s all too common for passengers to make false claims about

drivers in an effort to get a free ride without understanding

that they are putting that driver’s source of income at risk.

You can provide evidence that you were following all of the rules

laid out by your TNC by simply sending your video into Uber if

and when you get a complaint. Having a dashcam will deter this

kind of behavior as well.
Reason #3: Accidents

Even the safest rideshare drivers will sometimes find themselves

in an accident, and police and the general public will be all too

happy to blame the rideshare driver. This means that you or your

insurance company will end up footing the bill for an accident

that may not have been your fault.

Use a dashcam to document how you’re driving so if you are in an

accident you then won’t have to rely on a witness, you can just

produce the video.
Reason #4: Thieves

This is an issue that many drivers didn’t think they needed to

worry about until recently when a Brooklyn area Uber driver

released a video of an Uber passenger stealing from his tip jar.

If you haven’t seen the video, check out the news coverage below.

This case caught media attention because the driver had a

dashcam, however, this is certainly not the only incident of a

stealing passenger. Many drivers that accept cash tips from

passengers will mix in a few large bills into their cash pile to

make it look like some passengers have tipped them $10 – $20.

These tips have been the target of stealing passengers on

numerous occasions.

Just out this excerpt from a driver from uberpeople.net from


“I’ve had 4 instances in the past 12 months of passengers

stealing from me. The 4th instance happened last night, with an

ASU college kid (1 Of 6 passengers going from University House

323 E Veterans Way – to a house near 62nd St & E Cholla Ln, in

Paradise Valley) taking a $20 bill off of the top of a set of

bills — (6) $1 bills, and the $20 bill on top — I place a small

rubber pad covering about a third of the bills as a slight

deterrent, making it more difficult to pilfer the cash, but in

this case it happened.”

Other items like coats, sweatshirts, and bags are also common

targets if you have them in your car.

To protect yourself, first, do your best to keep these items far

from your passengers and don’t even give them the opportunity to

steal from you. Second, grab a dashcam so you can catch them

Reason #5: Capture hilarious and unexpected moments

As rideshare drivers, we’ve all seen a few things that make us

think “man, I wish I had that on camera!”

This could be footage of an accident that could help a fellow

driver, or hilarious footage of road rage like this driver


Either way, if you have a dashcam, you’re bound to catch

something interesting on video sooner rather than later.
So Which Dashcam Should You Get

The great thing about dashcams is they don’t have to be a $150+

investment anymore. In fact, there is one company that will turn

your phone into a dashcam, and it’s 100% FREE!

Driver is an app that turns your phone into a motion stabilizing

and low-light enhancing dash cam that is 100% free for every trip

you take and your video is stored forever in the cloud so it’s

easy to access.

Not only does the app record video, but it will also keep an eye

on the road to try to warn you if there’s an oncoming or stopped

vehicle or a pedestrian that you may have missed. It even has

augmented reality turn-by-turn navigation so you can actually see

where you’re supposed to be going!

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