5 Items Every Uber Driver Should Have In The Car

1. Black and Decker Flex Hand Vac

This is the most used tool in my car. I use this everyday. The pet hair attachment is fantastic. Removal of dirt, grass and small crumbs is flawless. It only takes about 2-minutes to cleanup behind a rider when needed. This hand vac is a lifesaver. It’s not heavy which helps in getting around the car fast. The Black and Decker Flex Hand Vac is one of the best investments a rideshare driver can make. this goes for those who drive for Uber of Lyft.

2. GoPro Hero Session

You will need something to record your rides in case of an accident. Having a small video recorder like the GoPro Hero Session is ideal. It produces video in 1080 HD and can also shoot stop animation. The added benefit is if something pops off inside your car you can quickly grab it off the mount and shoot that action.

3. Cellphone Clip Holder For Car

One thing that will surely cause you to get a low rating is driving with your cellphone in your hand while navigating. Passengers don’t like this AT ALL. Why? Because it’s dangerous! Taking your eyes off the road constantly places YOU and the rider in a higher percentile of being in an accident. Buying a simple cellphone holder is a sure way to dodging BAD ratings from Uber riders and staying safe.

4. Febreze Air Freshner or Natural Oils

There will be times that a passenger will leave a foul smell in your vehicle. This is something that can lead to immediate dissatisfaction of a customer when driving. Pungent smells will get you a bad rating 9 out of 10 times. Having something like a Febreze Air Freshener or some Essential Oils in your vehicle can help eliminate bad odors FAST!

5. Car Charger with Outlet/USB Ports

One of the best investments I ever made for my Uber business was buying a Car Charger/Adapter for my passengers. The functionality of this tool not only keeps Uber riders happy but it garners 5 star ratings. People can charge cellphones, laptops and mobile tablets while riding with you. It’s a fantastic item that EVERY Uber driver should have in their cars.

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